EnerHarv 2022 Event Information Coming Soon!

Mehmet Ozturk, General Chair
Brian Zahnstecher, General Co-chair
Mike Hayes, Technical Co-chair
Shad Roundy, Technical Co-chair

EnerHarv Overview

EnerHarv 2018 proceedings now made FREE and OPEN to public!!!

‘A focal point for a community of experts and users of energy harvesting & related technologies to share knowledge, best practices, roadmaps, experiences and create opportunities for collaboration’

Key drivers for this workshop?

  • By 2025 we need to power a trillion sensors [source McKinsey]
  • Wireless sensors need battery changes – we need where possible to use regenerative power to avoid this
  • Energy harvesting component designers often do not understand how to optimise system level performance
  • The ambient energies available are often unknown
  • Industrial IoT (internet of things) device developers need to reduce power consumption to extend battery life and potentially self-power
  • The conversation has moved to “How can I take advantage of this technology?”
  • We need to deliver an energy harvesting ecosystem roadmap to guide and accelerate development
  • We need to bring a community of experts together to address these issues and opportunities

What shall I see & do at the workshop?

    • Demonstrations from leading industry and academic developers
      • Materials, devices, systems, visualization and simulation tools
    • Examples of successful Energy Harvesting products already created
    • Network with developers and (potential) users and integrators of energy harvesting materials, devices and systems
          • Discuss their demos
          • Understand where the technology is going
          • Identify opportunities and bottlenecks
          • Scope out collaboration opportunities
          • Share best practices

Host & Venue

Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST), 
at North Carolina State University (NCSU)

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