Live Demonstrators

  • At EnerHarv we target to have many live demos of devices, circuits and systems on display, ranging from proofs-of-concept to fully commercialized parts developed for various applications
  • There will be ample opportunities to talk with the demo owners and understand the challenges and opportunities related to the parts on display and perhaps determine if your parts can be used or your application needs served
  • The success of the energy harvesting ecosystem is critically tied to the ability to demonstrate functional system components and applications in real-world implementations, such as building management, med tech, assisted living, environmental, conditional monitoring of equipment, systems, power supplies, etc.


  • David Newell, NUI Galway. “A High Efficiency Switched Supercapacitor Energy Management Circuit for Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensor”
  • Oskar Olszewski, Tyndall National Institute, Evaluation of Vibrational Piezo-MEMS Harvester That Scavenges Energy From a Magnetic Field Surrounding an AC Current-Carrying Wire”
  • Roberto La Rosa, ST Micro, “Powering Battery-Free Systems with PV Cell”
  • Shane Hollmer, Adesto, “Non-volatile Serial Memory for Energy Harvesting Power Applications”
  • Mehmet Ozturk, North Carolina State University, “Wearable Flexible Thermoelectric Generator Using Liquid Metal Interconnects and Bulk BiTe Legs”
  • Katherine Kim, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), “Differential Power Processing Converter Design for Photovoltaic Wearable Applications”
  • Dushan Vuckovic, FORCE Technology (DELTA), “Implementing Energy Harvesting Solutions Using Commercial Off-the-shelf Components”
  • Peter Spies, Fraunhofer IIS, “BlueTEG – Self-powered Wireless Sensor”
  • Pierre Mars, CAP-XX, “Solar Cell Energy Harvester with Supercapacitor”
  • Gerd vom Bögel, Fraunhofer IMS, “TEG Powered Wireless Sensor System for Process Monitoring and Control”
  • Philip Schmidt, Fraunhofer IMS, “RF Powered Wireless Sensors for Industry 4.0”
  • Denis Pasero, Ilika,  “Autonomous Wireless End Nodes Powered by Solid State Batteries and Energy Harvesting”
  • James McCarthy, Tyndall National Institute, “COMPOSITION – Conditional Monitoring and Asset Tracking Case Studies for Energy Harvesting Opportunities in Industry 4.0”
  • Cian O’Shea, Tyndall National Institute, “ROWBUST WSN Deployment Assistance Tool”
  • Bobby Bornemann, Tyndall National Institute, “MOEEBIUS – Energy Harvesting Powered Multi-radio WSN Mote for Building Energy Optimisation”