Challenges and opportunities

EnerHarv will act as a forum to discuss energy harvesting and related challenges and opportunities
Some examples

  • Why is energy harvesting so relevant to the power electronics community?
  • How energy harvesting kits can help get technology out of the lab and into real life applications (with success stories)
  • Importance of inter-operable modelling for collaboratively developed systems from materials and devices
  • Design considerations for IoT devices for energy harvesting compatibility
  • Technology roadmap for energy generation and/or storage devices and/or PMICs (power management ICs)
  • Technology development in other materials, components & systems (e.g. sensors, microcontrollers, transceivers, software architectures) that will assist in improving IoT device power consumption and/or energy harvesting/storage efficiency
  • The importance of energy harvesting centric software and wireless communication architectures for energy harvesting to become a highly adopted large scale reality
  • The need for developers of ultra-low power devices(esp. for IoT applications) to co-develop materials, devices and systems compatible with energy harvesting technologies and real-life ambient energies available
  • Considerations when commercializing energy harvesting technology (e.g. based on a start-up success story)