Micro-Power Management (MPM)

  • MPM circuit will need to perform a broad range of functions such as
    • Impedance matching, auto-tuning, cold start, self-start, battery management system, storage device charging and discharge
  • MPM circuits in some applications would benefit greatly from context awareness in order to inform the user of anomalous behavior and ensure reliable operation of the energy harvesting solution. Some examples
    • Did my energy harvester deliver as expected based on the ambient energy available?
    • Is my IoT device consuming power at expected rates based on functionality?
    • Is my energy storage device being replenished at expected rates?
  • There are many MPM solutions from top tier IC vendors but still a lot of room for improvement and optimization
  • MPM is not just for energy harvesting – There may be applications where its functionality enables an IoT device to last several years based on the use of a non-chargeable storage devices
  • What challenges & opportunities do you see for MPM circuits?