Hotel Recommendations

We highly recommend Hotel Giò as the ideal accommodation for our upcoming conference since it provides the of hosting our conference within its premises. This integrated approach ensures convenience for all attendees, eliminating the need for transportation between the conference venue and accommodation. Hotel Giò offers also special rate for accommodation for participants to the conference.

Please book Hotel Giò here for special, negotiated rate of €88/120 (Double Room, Single/Twin use, respectively) [inc. daily full breakfast]: This will submit a request for booking, which the hotel will follow up with to confirm.

The Hotel Giò is the ideal accommodation for the conference as it eliminates the need for transportation. Conveniently co-located with the conference venue, delegates can easily walk to and from the hotel room without the hassle of commuting. This saves time and ensures that attendees can focus more on the conference proceedings rather than navigating through unfamiliar streets or dealing with transportation logistics. Additionally, the Giò Hotel offers comfortable accommodations and amenities, providing a conducive environment for networking and discussions outside of the conference sessions.

The Hotel Giò is at walking distance (20 minutes) from the city center. Please note that the city is situated atop a hill, which means that movements often involve uphill journeys, potentially posing challenges for individuals with mobility issues. However, there are transportation services available to alleviate these concerns. Options such as buses and the mini-metro provide accessible means of travel to and from the city center. These services offer convenient routes that cater to various locations within the city, making it easier for conference attendees to access the venue and explore the surrounding areas.

For those looking for good alternatives to the Hotel Giò, we recommend the following, but please NOTE EnerHarv has nothing negotiated with these properties so anyone staying here will have to be responsible for their own daily breakfast and transportation to/from the Hotel Giò for the workshop and pickup/drop off for any arranged transportation for off-site activities:

  • Hotel Sina Brufani (located in the city center, 20 minutes walking from the conference venue)
  • Hotel La Rosetta (in the city center, 20 minutes walking from the conference venue)
  • Hotel Sangallo (10 minutes walking from the city center, 30 minutes walking from the conference venue)
  • Hotel Fortuna (5 minutes walking from the city center, 25 minutes walking from the conference venue)

There are many other types of low-cost accommodation around the University and the Old Town, such as B&B, small apartments and so on.